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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hillary came up with Benghazi video explanation

Hillary Clinton’s newly released memoir leaves little doubt she was the first member of the Obama administration to publicly link an anti-Islam video to the 2012 Benghazi terror attack – though she does not explain what intelligence she relied on to make the faulty connection.

The former secretary of State and potential Democratic presidential candidate discussed the Benghazi attack in her memoir “Hard Choices.” The 33-page Benghazi chapter sheds some light on events, but it leaves plenty of inconvenient details out.

According to the chronology she offers, Clinton issued the statement linking Benghazi to the video before she called President Obama on the night of the attack to provide an update, suggesting she was the originator of the flawed explanation.



Anonymous said...

She should have just said she came up with the lie at the beginning. It wasn't even a clever lie. She is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to faulty connections, Hillary's got it down.
How many times can this woman throw herself and her country under the bus then pop up and say there was no bus?
Imagine her as the president. Think that Obama is a world class liar and sociopath?

Anonymous said...

OK, that 'splains it fine for me.

I was very concerned about where she was and what she was doing when the attack occurred, especially in light of her '3 a.m.' commercial from her 2008 campaign.

Turns out she was surfing youtube to find out just who might have been upset at us. And she found out in short order.

Good work, Mrs. Bill Clinton! Go give another speech and buy another mansion. It's good to know you feel our pain.