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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Help the Media Save Themselves

Liberal denizens of the Fourth Estate present a distorted view of America.

There is no question that a free, honest, and unbiased press is a great asset to any free and fair society. A press characterized by integrity demands answers to hard questions from everyone, regardless of political affiliation. When the media choose sides, it enables those on the selected side to ignore rules and conduct themselves as they please, having no one to whom they must answer. Of course, this assumes the populace is largely asleep at the wheel and not demanding objectivity of the press.

Unfortunately, the “mainstream media” and the American people have conformed to this latter description in recent years, but I see signs of the people beginning to recognize the risks to both political and economic freedom imposed by the continuation of a journey down that pathway. Like politicians, the media no longer enjoy the almost unanimous trust they once could take for granted. What has caused so much of the media to become biased and agenda-driven, and why has the partiality become so blatant?



Anonymous said...

The media is controlled by both the Government and the Corporations. They are beyond saving. All that is left is alternative media. I know the government is trying desperately to try and control this a well. People know this, and are turning off the nightly news and news channels in general for alternative media, like blogs, Jeff Rense, drudge report, and others. I get more from the BBC than what is reported in our national news outlets.

Anonymous said...

The media has created an environment where American's looking for truth can not trust them. They must save themselves and the only way to do that would be an 180 degree turn.. and it will take years for that trust to be regained... I for one have stopped all print news and rarely watch TV news. I rely on alternative sources as well...

Anonymous said...

How totally uninformed/misinformed are people who actually believe the useless biased crap that serves as news on the mainstream media. I just cringe when I hear them in public parrot the crap they hear from those sources. Occasionally I try to listen to ABC, NBC, CBS, etc news just to see what type of lies and propaganda they are spreading on current news issues. I usually end up turning the TV off before I bust the screen, especially CBS which seems to be some kind of straight up Goebbels like propaganda machine. Their morning news is the worst with the hunchbacked leftist, the white lady that basically just agrees with him and the Oprah wanna-be black lady that always has that weepy oh-so-concerned face while spewing the leftist crap.