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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Let's Just Pay Them To Live Here Illegally Then

The Pentagon has put on hold a plan to let certain illegal immigrants enlist. The White House asked for the delay. The New York Times reports, that's because President Obama wants to avoid conflict with House Republicans considering whether to move ahead with an immigration reform bill. Earlier, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the limited number of people the military would let join would receive a way to become citizens. Some Senate Democrats criticized Hagel's plan because it didn't allow enough undocumented people to enlist.


Anonymous said...

Vote Republican!!

We can't continue to allow these illegal future Democrat voters into our country and take over our welfare system.

Anonymous said...

why would someone risk their life fighting for us in some other foreign land? there is no way if they havent lived in the US for many years and are fluent in english. the military as a path to citizenship is a very bad idea.

Anonymous said...

So, King Barry is considering a move forward with immigration reform without going through Congress... When will America say enough is enough... ?