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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What Racist Comments Are Getting A Black Professor Sued By Her White Students?

Despite what liberals think, racism is a two way street. One does not have to be white to be racist, and a professor at Minneapolis Community and Technical College has proven that. Professor Shannon Gibney teaches English, but she often uses her position of being in front of students as a platform to preach about what she deems to be racism, mostly ‘white privilege.’ She’s been reprimanded for doing so in the past, though the college never suspended her, and this time, her actions have spurned a lawsuit, by two white students, against the college.

Recently, during a lecture that obviously had little to do with literature, Gibney went on another diatribe about how whites are racist. Having had enough, a couple of her students called her out on it. In her response, she allegedly said, “We are not talking about all white people, or you white people in general. We are talking about whiteness as a system of oppression.”

The students first went to the dean to file a complaint, and he sent a reprimand to the racist professor, stating, “Shannon, I find it troubling that the manner in which you lead a discussion on the very important topic of structural racism alienated two students who may have been most in need of learning about the subject… Your actions in targeting select students based on their race and gender caused them embarrassment and created a hostile learning environment.”



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Anonymous said...

Kudo's to the students! It is about time that someone had the balls to do this! Racism is defined as one class or race believing that they are superior to another race! I can't wait until the WHITE STUDENTS win this LAWSUIT!

Anonymous said...

nothing will come of it. Blacks can get away with whatever they want

Anonymous said...

until the university is seriously hit in their wallet, this behavior will continue. once alumni step in and pull donations until the she-devil is removed, the problem will then be corrected. someone has to be the example and it very well could be her.

Anonymous said...

TYhe women is teaching college and talking about "White Privledge" really. This biotch has lost her freaking mind. That poison is killing Black America. People who were not racist are becoming racist becuase of this thought process so many Blacks have. It is a new world out there. Like that basketball owner. I dont care if the man hangs black baby dolls from trees and hits them like a pinyata. He has a right to be what he wants to be. Dont like it dont ball for him. Leave the millions.

Time for whitey to stand up and be proud of being white. I would really love to see about ten more young white girls 15-16 years old raising a bi-racial baby on their mom and dads. WTF I am sick of it

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Anonymous said...

I'm guessing she's at least an annual attendee of the "White Privilege Conference".

lmclain said...

"...most in need of learning abou the subject..."? Wow. Thats racist, in and of itself. Sounds more like an apology to her than a reprimand.
Filling a need is all she was trying to do and they are hatin' on her now?
Imagine a white professor lecturing a black single mother on the drain on our economy and social structure because there are millions of black single mothers who have never held a job, have 3-7 kids and get everything given to them by people who actually work for a living?
That professor would be now at the drive-thru window at McDonalds, asking if you want ketchup with your fries.
She gets "reprimanded". Is that called "black priviledge"?