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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lost Dog 5-28-14: UPDATE

This morning at about 7:15am our 4 year old dog (a white cocker spaniel with brown dots) went missing from our yard. I say missing because both our dogs were in our fenced in backyard when they were let out at 6:45am. My husband went to the backyard to let them in and the older dog, who is blind, was sitting in our front yard and the little one was nowhere to be found. Both gates were closed with no way for them to escape. We believe someone let them out of the gate and took the little one. (I'm hoping that is not the case and somehow they just managed to sneak out). Her name is Dottie and she's very sweet. Our daughter is devastated and our older dog doesn't know what to do because Dottie acted as her seeing eye dog guiding her around our backyard.

If you see her please contact 443-235-2931. We are so worried about her!


Anonymous said...

What area is she missing from? Will keep an eye out for her.

Anonymous said...

Good job.
Joe: In the future, make sure an approximate location is included in the post for a lost dog or cat.
We have a group of retired people that will search neighborhoods for lost pets. We've done this in the past with success.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Looking for missing pets is a wonderful thing to do. Kudos's to you all.

Anonymous said...

So nice that to hear that so many people are concerned about the pets. They are part of the family! When I retire I'll be doing the same thing. I do try help as much as I can! Keep up the good work!!!!