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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Two Medical Examiner's Office Employers Indicted In Drug Scandal

The Attorney General's Office has indicted two employees of the Medical Examiner's Office in connection with a drug scandal that has impacted hundreds of court cases across the state.

James Woodson, 38, of Wilmington and Farnam Daneshgar, 54, of Wilmington were arrested May 28 by Delaware State Police, said Jason Miller, spokesman for the Attorney General's Office.

In April, Woodson was suspended with pay from his $42,000 position with the office. Miller said Woodson was a death investigator with the office who also had served as a courier for the Controlled Substances Laboratory within the Medical Examiner's Office. The lab has been closed since February, when the investigation was announced.



Anonymous said...

The worst part of this is the criminals who are having their charges dropped because of these idiots actions.

lmclain said...

No, the worst part is that there are people in PRISON for their falsified reports.
Sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, friends. Lock 'em up!
Until it's one of YOUR friends or family. Then it's "How did they let this happen!!!?"
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

They should be charged for and tried on each and every case they screwed the evidence on, as well as the theft of the drugs. And sentences to be served consecutively, not concurrently.
Of course, once they get to the slam, their lives are pretty much forfeit, even if they get segregation as "protection." Someone will get them.

Anonymous said...

3:57 PM

go back under ur rock

lmclain said...

If a corporate officer deliberately lies in his reports, say to get a bonus or to cover up a bad decision, or I make a false report to a police office, the next address WE might have could in something something "correctional facility". But cops, prosecutors, and lab techs do it all the time and THEY shouldn't be punished like the serfs? They don't even have to say "I'm sorry my lies put you in prison". Is that what you are saying??