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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another Bogus Hit From A License Plate Reader Results In Another Citizen Surrounded By Cops With Guns Out

from the verification-to-be-performed-at-gunpoint dept

We recently covered a story about a lawyer who found himself approached by cops with guns drawn after an automatic license plate reader misread a single character on his plate as he drove by. The police did make an attempt to verify the plate but were stymied by heavy traffic. Unfortunately, it appears they decided to force the issue rather than let a potential car thief escape across the state line.

As I pointed out then, the increasing reliance on ALPRs, combined with the one-billion-plus records already in storage and the millions being collected every day, means the number of errors will only increase as time goes on -- even as the technology continues to improve. This person was lucky to escape with nothing more than an elevated heart rate. Others won't be so lucky... like Denise Green of San Francisco.

Green's civil rights lawsuit has just been reinstated by Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which overturned an earlier decision that granted summary judgment in favor of the San Francisco Police Department. The lower court found that the officers had made a "good faith, reasonable mistake" when they performed a felony stop of Green, which included being ordered out of her vehicle and onto the ground at gunpoint and held in cuffs for nearly 20 minutes while officers verified the plates and filled out paperwork.

The Appeals Court disagreed with this finding and the opinion details what the SFPD is supposedto do with ALPR "hits" and compares this to what was actually happened.



Anonymous said...

she's probably lucky the fools didn't shot her just to cover their asses!

lmclain said...

A WOMAN (!), outnumbered by at least 5-1, unarmed and not resisting, (and INNOCENT, by the way), is forced to lie on the ground, in handcuffs, at gunpoint. In public, as her friends drive by and scratch her off their "friends" list....
How many cops does it take to watch ONE WOMAN?

Anonymous said...

The number could have been verified in seconds if only one of the officers had taken the time instead of all of them going to capture mode.

Anonymous said...

reckless and negligent

Anonymous said...

How many cops does it take to watch ONE WOMAN?

May 28, 2014 at 10:12 AM

She is lucky they did not kill her since I am sure they felt 'threatened' by her. Good thing she didn't have any pets with her at the time. damn wussies.