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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why Isn't Local Law Enforcement Telling Us Everything We Should Know?

For many years we have been a sole source in sharing ALL Press Releases made public by Law Enforcement.

However, being a victim of a few recent break inn's and not seeing Press Releases come forth, we now know for a fact that we are NOT being told everything.

We feel it is important the public have access to ALL crime. It gives us a better idea as to where we should live, invest and or to protect ourselves.

On another note, how do we know IF what we are being told through statistics IF the information we see is actually accurate. As many of you know, Salisbury News exposed, (years ago) all of the Gang issues in Salisbury, yet the former Mayor and Chief implied there are NO GANGS in Salisbury. Yeah, we were the bad guys once again for exposing the TRUTH.

Then there was the article in which we published Salisbury being the 4th Most Dangerous City in America, (per capita) and they once again came back and said we were full of crap. Funny how years later the rest of the local Media finally agreed and started publishing information we had provided years before. 

Today we get challenged regularly by the local Fire Department simply because we are now publishing their daily calls for service. We get bullied and people run around saying Joe Albero hates Firefighters, which is completely not true. 

The powers to be want us to keep quit. They want us to censor information and not make it so public, hence the first Post of the day yesterday. The Fire Department is no different and let's not forget the fact that I was sued by the Chief of Police, the Mayor and even the Warden of the Detention Center. They wanted Salisbury News shut down.

We are not only fighting for our rights, we have been fighting all along for yours as well. Meanwhile the rest of the local media stands by and does stories on behalf of those suing me and barely in defense of our First Amendment Rights. 

Go back to the alleged phone spoof a while ago. Not only are we news media, I was an alleged victim and yet the powers to be never informed me of the Pres Conference being held defending the Mayor. Even after I showed up, (uninvited) they refused to give me the paperwork from their investigation and told me I needed to file a Freedom of Information Act to access it.

Are you seeing now how Salisbury and Wicomico County works? YOU are paying incredible taxes and THEY are covering up what is really going on. YOU make an investment into a home here only to come to find out this area is NOT what you were lead to believe it actually is. 

Salisbury and Wicomico County have many incredible people in it. However, they also have a LOT of people working very hard to bully some to make sure YOU don't know the TRUTH.

WE feel we should have the right and access to ALL information involving crime and our way of life. Don't hate me just because I disagree that Firefighters shouldn't be taking million dollar vehicles to lunch or dinner. Don't hate me because we feel it is wrong for a county employee to drink and drive in a county owned vehicle. Don't have me because we publish photos of police vehicles in a non emergency situation parking in handicapped spots for their personal use. Don't hate us because we have risen to the very top because we are the only ones actually informing the public what is really going on. 

Recognize the fact that SOME people and businesses are failing because the TRUTH is finally being exposed. Because "We The People" are fighting back because we are NOT stupid. Are we the most educated, no. Funny how all those people with degrees can't keep up with one little BLOG though. Together WE are stronger! Go back to my New Years Post and read it again. WE are only successful because of all of YOU.

How many forums have we all been to where candidates that we have ultimately elected assured us we would see more open government. How's It Working For You Now?


Anonymous said...

I agree - there are crimes that never are made public. I remember a couple of years ago there was a parking lot robbery (maybe more than one) at the Food Lion in Fruitland. It was never publicized, but someone in law enforcement who knew about it, warned me not to shop at night at that store.

That is just one example. I'm sure there are more.

Anonymous said...

When are YOU going to realize that YOU are the problem. If it were not for your over inflated ego and arrogance, you probably would serve as a great representative of this area. However, I think that you think you are the best at everything. Have YOU ever gone a day without attacking someone or a business? The answer is NO. That is the problem. YOU.

Anonymous said...

Unless someone out there carries a gun loaded with silver bullets most of us don't need to know.The need to know basis applies to anyone who can actually make a difference.Scaring everyone to death is reducing their quality of life and therefore unnecessary.

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 10:18, OMG, you can't be serious, right? Please tell us ALL you are just being sarcastic. AMERICA is DONE because of jackasses like this one. Come on people, are you NOW seeing what our community and way of life is becoming here on the Eastern Shore!

Anonymous said...

The calls for service releases are not accurate. I was involved in an incident and when I checked the calls for service list, lo and behold, the incident was not reported.

Anonymous said...

10:02 & 10:18
So I guess you would rather live your life being lied to and deceived by people in power?
Do you think that the powers that be that DO lie and deceive/hide the truth are representing the "area" honestly?
Is that a disservice to the community!
It is people like you that want to hate the messenger not the message and the people that are causing the strife and danger in our community that are the problem.
It is people like you that would rather believe everything here in our community is just fine and peachy when it is not that are the problem, not the people that are pointing out the real problem.
TRUTH is the American way, not some distorted facade of hope and change.
That solves nothing as evidenced by the issues and conditions locally, regionally and nationally in America today.
Our country is falling apart because people like you refuse to right the wrongs. It's kind of like living in a liberals fantasy land where nothing is real, truth is elusive and trust is none existent.

Anonymous said...

Good information is the key to good decision making. without good information we are all clueless. the sad truth is many choose to be clueless .

Anonymous said...

10:18 what do silver bullets have to do with anything? Do we have a werewolf problem?

Anonymous said...

yeah, watch out for your sheep

Anonymous said...

I didn't see any local media outlet cover the windows being shot out at Court Plaza on several occasions. Was there a city or county law enforcement press release that I must have missed?

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 10:44, GOOD POINT! I haven't seen or received one. CLEARLY there's an election coming up and someone doesn't want CRIME exposed.

Anonymous said...

How are, we the people, suppose to protect ourselves if we do not know the level of crime we are dealing with?

If we know there is a crime wave in a particular area, we can keep a better eye out to catch the offender. Better protect our loved ones, and better protect our property.

LE is simply continuing to put the public at risk by not being transparent.

lmclain said...

10:18.....You have fallen head over heels for the idea that 'only those who can do anything about it" NEED TO KNOW. REALLY??
I don't "need to know' about the child rapist next door, or the gangs operating in my county, etc?
You are also quite uniformed. Thomas Jefferson (look him up -- I know you don't know the name off the top of your head...) said a free press is our BEST and GREATEST protection against tyranny (followed closely by an armed civilian populace).
its people like you that our "leaders" count on for being too stupid to ask questions, too convinced of their almighty power to 'protect' you, to meek to think for yourself, and too uniformed to see what the results of your sheepish acquiescence lead to.....

Anonymous said...

Disclaimer** I can't openly comment about my agency due to my administration having personal agendas during an election year**

I am all about transparency as long as it doesn't hinder an active investigation. I, along with many other coworkers, are required to do a press release for all arrests/investigations. They are submitted up the chain and from there your guess is as good as mine as to what happens to it.

We also have ESIC bulletins that are state wide but rarely released to the public. Basically if I'm investigating a theft, burglary, assault, etc. and I have a suspect picture I can submit a bulletin. This bulletin only goes to other law enforcement agencies. The public is rarely given this information so chances of identifying the suspect dwindles.

Most local agencies around here are governed by the admins personal agendas. The Good Ole Boy system is still alive and strong. These leaders come off as being on your side and wanting to clean areas up. They don't care. Just remember that they are all politicians working their own goals. They will tell you what you want to hear, never doing anything about it.

I could go on and on but it won't change anything. The people are the ones that have to make the change. And before someone comes on here and says it no I'm not disgruntled. I love my job and go to work everyday hoping to make a change.

On a side note I am all for law abiding citizens owning firearms and being afforded the ability to conceal carry.

Anonymous said...

Fact is, most of the voters wanted "happy talk" politicians, not straight up regular people.

Look what happened to Debbie Campbell. Look what the press did to her and Terry Cohen.

If you are straight up and honest, may as well save your time. People want to live in the Matrix here.

Anonymous said...

You speak the truth Joe! "The
Powers to Be" just can't take it!

More than 20 yrs ago I was told by
a family member who was in law enforcement in DE ----" Do not go to the Salisbury Mall by yourself at night! There's a gang whose initiation is to rape a white woman." Mind you ---I said More
than 20 yrs ago People----Wake
up to what's not being told !!!
Demand we are told the truth!!

Anonymous said...

Democrat control leads to deceit and disinformation. Locally, statewide and nationwide.
It has become politically correct to hide statistics or flat out lie about them so as not to "offend" the offenders.
Democrat Socialists only cherry pick statistics that suit their agenda, the rest they will defer, distort, spin and falsify. Look at Obama, a prime example.

Anonymous said...

I think you would be amazed at the number of arrests/seizures made by the local task force people. But then again they wouldn't/ couldn't. Be as effective if their business was released to the public.

Anonymous said...

8:45 no disrespect, but that is always the excuse for lack of transparency.

How can an uninformed public protect themselves?

Joe published an article about the fake cop. No one else advised the public. Why wasn't the public told, were we waiting until he hurt someone? And yet, I do not recall ever hearing that this person was arrested.

Had it not been for Joe, we would never have known.

I think there is a fine line between an investigation and willfully not informing the public to a safety hazard.

Anonymous said...

8:45 your comment reveals that crime is a lot worse than we are being led to believe.

Anonymous said...

People need to be aware of their surroundings. To keep us in the dark is a dangerous disservice. Case in point - I'm married to a good woman who doesn't believe that there is crime in Salisbury. When I try to convince her to be more careful, she asks the legitimate question - 'If there is so much going on, how come none of this crime is reported?'. I did not know how to respond until a friend told me about Salisbury News. At least she locks the doors now...