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Monday, January 20, 2014

Pa. Says Susquehanna Fish Infected With Lesions Could Be “Natural”

The complicated political copout:

“I think it’s absolutely fair to say, at this moment in time, we can’t pin down exactly what’s causing the problems with the small mouth bass. You shouldn’t have specific species in a river that has those type of lesions or that type of open sore. The notes right now coming out of Virginia are the fish population is on its way to repairing itself. So that this could be just a natural cycle....”

-- Kelly Heffner, Deputy Secretary for Water Management, speaking in the Pa. Dept. of Environmental Protection video posted at this January 17, 2014 Harrisburg, Pa. Patriot-News site:

The simple truth:

The problems are obvious if you talk to any fisheries biologist. There's an assorted array of ingredients being put into our waterways each day that are affecting the fish....

And if you think this is only affecting fish, think again. Many municipalities draw their water supplies from this same open sewer.

-- From a comment left by PeCo44 following the op-ed, “Susquehanna River clearly needs help,” by John Arway, executive director of the Pa. Fish and Boat Commission, at this April 27, 2012 Harrisburg Patriot-News site:

The serious -- and enormous -- problem:

One of the longest rivers in America, the Susquehanna River provides ... drinking water to six million people.

-- From this current Pennsylvania Sierra Club site:


Anonymous said...

Just blame it on the farmers here on the Shore.

lmclain said...

Who ya gonna believe? THEM? Or your lying eyes?
Bet your LIFE that none of these public "service" employees are drinking or using ANY of that water or eating ANY of the fish living in it. But they are betting YOUR life instead.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

All of this also occurred about 200 years ago without benefit of pollutants.We know that cycles are real.Why can't it be natural?

Anonymous said...

Probably the result of Perdue's soybean crushing plant... OH WAIT ITS NOT BEEN BUILT YET????? LOL Pennsylvania idiots.

Anonymous said...

"idiots?" 10:02. Don't be so sure about that. Lancaster county farming community by managing to keep out these big companies has been way more prosperous than the farmers on the Eastern Shore. Not only are the farmers able to make enough money to not have to work off the farm but farm land sells for much more than around here.
The land is not ruined by massive amounts of chemicals produced by "manure" that's peppered with foreign substances fed to the chickens. That's probably why they want to open up there. They've ruined the land locally so they have to move on.