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Monday, January 20, 2014

Now He Tells Us: ObamaCare Architect Says That The Law Was Never Intended To Reduce The Deficit

We remember, very clearly, Senator Max Baucus stating that ObamaCare would have to be “revenue neutral” before it could win passage of Congress.

We also remember dingbats like Rachel Maddow trumpeting the idea that ObamaCare would actually reduce the deficit.

For some reason, the only people in 2010 who realized that a new entitlement promising to provide health care to 30 million 40 million Americans would actually increase the deficit were political conservatives. Of course, conservatives also predicted that people wouldn’t be able to keep their existing insurance under ObamaCare. They were also predicting that people wouldn’t be able to keep their own doctors under ObamaCare. In fact, just about every dire warning that conservatives issued in 2010 about ObamaCare has come true.

But we digress.


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