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Monday, January 20, 2014

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Man Gives 75 Cents to Homeless Person, Ends Up In Handcuffs

A man was handcuffed and detained for over an hour after giving a homeless man 75 cents.

Greg Snider was driving in downtown Houston when he pulled into a parking lot to take a business call. A homeless man approached his car and asked him for money:

“That’s when the homeless man came up to me. He said, ‘Hey my name is Dave. I’m from Dallas. I’m down on my luck. Do you have any change?’”

Snider gave the man 75 cents and drove away. After he pulled onto I-10, a police car with flashing lights and sirens blazing appeared behind him.

“I put my hazards on to let him know, ‘Hey, I see you,’” said Snider. “This is a really bad part of I-10 to be pulled over on, so I was trying to find a safe place to pull over.”

He was not prepared for what happened when the officer approached his car:



lmclain said...

It doesn't matter where one goes in this country (and I've been all over it) --- the Gestapo is the same. Instant compliance and unquestioned obedience or you may be killed for the smallest affront to their "WE ARE THE POLICE!!" short guy syndrome.
They detained an innocent man, searched him, handcuffed him in public (an INNOCENT citizen, handcuffed!), humiliated him, damaged his property, and thought it was FUNNY! TEN cops for ONE citizen? Really? Ten? Afraid they didn't bring enough tough guys? Its too bad they weren't laughing at the totally over-the-top reaction by the oompah-loompah storm trooper using his "a-thar-ri-tie". Its even sadder that they thought what they were doing was funny in the slightest.....

Anonymous said...

Surprised they didn't at least "find" something,, like they always do in this county.