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Monday, January 13, 2014

As Crazy As It Gets: Local Press Blames Victim In Knockout Game

Of all the crazy stories of black mob violence and denial I have seen, this is among the top: The couple that was attacked and viciously beaten by three black people in Charlottesville recently somehow did something to provoke it.


And because of that somehow, everything everyone knows about black mob violence, black on white crime, and the Knockout Game is wrong, wrong and wrong.

No Knock Out: police charge two in Mall beating, details emerge | THE DTM

This is as crazy as it gets, folks.



Anonymous said...

I WILL knock them out with my glock permanently..

Anonymous said...

Yes, so crazy that 2 parties would get into an altercation at 140am leaving the bar and both share responsibility in the situation turning violent. Yep, so crazy.