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Monday, January 13, 2014

Taxpayers Paid Nearly $175M for Penis Pumps Between 2006 and 2011

Taxpayers paid nearly $175 million for vacuum erection systems (VES), commonly known as “penis pumps,” from 2006 to 2011, according to an inspector general report released on Monday.

The federal government paid more than double the retail price for VES, the Department of Health and Human Services IG found. Medicare prices for the systems, the report said, “remain grossly excessive compared with the amounts that non-Medicare payers pay.”

Medicare paid 473,620 VES claims during calendar years 2006 through 2011, according to the IG report.


Anonymous said...

My wife and I use mine to shoot ping pong balls at each other.Kinda like living room war games.

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 8:50, LOL! I didn't realize they made them so small.

Anonymous said...

Yet more tax dollars being sucked out of the taxpaying public.

Anonymous said...

Why in the hell should/would ANY insurance company (Federal, State or Private) pay for someone to get a pump? This is an onion article, right? If it doesn't work, that's your problem. Not the insurance company, nor the taxpayer. Use Popsicle sticks, change your diet, start working out, get put on Test... weak.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me,my mistake;I meant tennis balls.