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Monday, January 13, 2014

New Debate Rises Over Maryland Gun Law

More than 200 guns were sold to people legally barred from owning them as a surge in firearms sales last year overwhelmed Maryland's background check system, according to state police.

One gun was sold to a man later accused of using it in a carjacking in Prince George's County, police acknowledged in response to queries from The Baltimore Sun.

The sales occurred last year as part of a flurry before Maryland's tough new gun law — enacted following the school massacre in Newtown, Conn. — took effect. With Maryland State Police unable to keep up with the flood of background checks, some dealers distributed firearms to customers after waiting seven days, as they were allowed to do under state law. With the backlog mounting, dealers released more than 50,000 guns before checks were completed, state police said.



Anonymous said...

incompetent government surprise surprise

Anonymous said...

It's the governor's fault. The O'Malley-Conway agenda should have considered delaying the unconstitutional bill. Instead they put the MSP in a bad position. Further they could have allowed County sheriff offices and local police pick up the slack. Instead they were content to allow people to wait months for their check. The gun stores followed the law, the state government is to blame for not fulfilling it's obligation to have the background checks done in 7 days.

Anonymous said...

There's no debate. Now we are armed. Crazy or not, you will not get our guns, we have them now, thanks to you and your new pretend laws.

My law is my gun. Your law is a piece of paper.

Rock, scissors, paper, gun.

Let's play the game.