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Monday, January 13, 2014

Texas Gun Show Shuts Down Rather Than Comply With Democrat Demands For Extra-Legal Background Checks

Liberals say whatever they think their audience wants to hear about gun control, but their goal is to get as many guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens as they can by any means necessary. They don’t care about the Constitution, they don’t care about the law and they don’t care if you get raped or die after they disarm you while leaving illegal guns in the hands of criminals. That’s what liberals are like and it’s what the liberals in Travis County Texas are like as well.

A regular gun show that has been a staple of Austin, Texas, since 2010 will end this month because its organizer refuses to obey local Democrats’ demands for background checks that go beyond state and federal laws.

“It is not really my job to infringe on anyone’s rights,” said Todd Beiter, the owner of Saxet Gun Shows, which has hosted gun shows at the Travis County Exposition Center for four years, according to the Austin American-Satesman.

The gun show set for Jan. 25-26 will go on because it has a lease on the site. The show won’t be held next year, though, because the contract will not be renewed.



Anonymous said...

As a liberal veteran who enjoys firearms, I have to disagree with your stereotyping.

The rats will jump ship first said...

As a Member of OATH KEEPERS: the time is coming America...