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Monday, January 13, 2014

County Orders Chicken On The Roof Grill To Remove Chicken

Chicken on the Roof Grill in Joppa has been around for a few years, but it was not until recently that Harford County started squawking about its signature feature—the plastic chicken perched on the roof overlooking Magnolia Road."Someone filed an anonymous complaint with the county," said Patty Janowiak, who owns the business with her husband.

Harford County's Department of Planning and Zoning confirmed that it cited the business for not having a permit for its chicken and temporary signs.

"We take it down, and we have no business," Janowiak said.



Anonymous said...

They want it down because they can't tax it!

Anonymous said...

If you are a business owner, you should know that most jurisdictions require special exceptions and permits for signs not covered specifically by the code. (This type of sign is NOT allowed under the Harford County P&Z regs.)

It's really not that hard to follow the rules.

Anonymous said...

11:43 Yeah, we have to give the county time... 3 years... to figure out that there's a violation.

So, they didn't have permits... after it residing on their roof for 3 years, and now being a staple to their business, don't you think the county could say "Ok, we both made mistakes, just file paperwork, pay fees, and keep the chicken".

And, why does someone call in a report on a plastic chicken? Lazy, classless, busy bodies who view the world from their glass house.

Anonymous said...

3 years later? This is no grandfathered in.

Anonymous said...

They bought the business and temporarily took the sign down. No grandfathering since they are not the original owners of the business and the sign was removed for a short period of time. If you don't like the rules, run for office and change them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Gawd, get over yourselves! You have a business in town that is paying license fees and taxes to the municipal coffers, and you want to kill it.

What a FANTASTIC idea!