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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Theft Of Tax Dollars


It seems Jackie Kimball, as she has always been known as, is trying to hide something. When you enter Kimball, Jacquelyn on the Md. case search you see post for three past court cases, none related to her theft of tax dollars during her employment with the State of Maryland. When you enter Wigfall Kimball, Jacquelyn Lynn you get the attached screen shot. Now why do you suppose she has chosen to insert her maiden name in this court record? And how is that legal? Something is fishy here Joe, you need to investigate this.


Anonymous said...

Must be embarrassing for her husband Tom, Deputy Director of Operations WCDOC. Maybe he'll make sure she gets 3 hots and a cot. Hope he doesn't get booted off the Veterans Commission our Boy Governor appointed him to. A little Binging shows Ole Tom was a Salisbury News Blog post on 9/15/09; seems as though he loss control of his hands. Birds of a feather? Awl, what's a few extra thousand tax dollars anyway when they both work for the government and probably felt they were under paid. Wake up people and make sure corrupt elitists are held accountable; after all, you are their bosses.

Anonymous said...

Kimball was let go from shore up years back accused of sticky fingers. Wondered where he got all the chicken for his BBqs .

Anonymous said...

I hope the IRS catches up with these two. She was the treasurer of the VFW and her church. What a thief. Hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen from the State of Maryland and she will probably get community service.