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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stray Dog

Hi Joe, 

Is it possible for you to post a stray dog I found yesterday? He appears to be a reddish brown pit bull mix. I took him to the Humane Society and he does have a microchip. His name is Marty and he is registered to a Joseph Martin, but phone number registered is disconnected and the address is old. I found him on Rockawalkin Road. 

Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for turning the dog in as june 19 2012 i was in my driveway holding my bichon and a pit bull ran to me knocking us to the drive way, i was on bottom holding my pup the pits mouth around her tiny neck. Nearby contractors heard me scream and saved us, my dog was almost killed! The pit was owned by a lawyer so i don't think "it was how it was raised" just think they don't like small dogs or strangers. I cried yesterday when i read about the runner getting attacked. My prayers to her, she is right, you close your eyes and relive the horror even a year later. KEEP pits chained up or give them to the humane society for proper placement