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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Anne Arundel County Republican Says Integrity Matters Most In Elections

Annapolis, MD
—Delegate Ron George, (R-Annapolis) announced his support for maintaining the current election law which requires the updating of all electronic poll books before Election Day.

Delegate George was responding to a June 6, 2013 letter from Delegate Sheila Hixson and Delegate Jon Cardin to Elections Administrator Linda Lamone asking for the law requiring the updating of all electronic poll books before Election Day to be changed.

“These safeguards are crucial to maintain the integrity of Maryland elections. We have an obligation to the citizens of Maryland to make certain that a person only votes once. We are responsible to make certain that every Marylanders rights and privileges are protected,” said George.

“Our election officials have stated that the practice of updating poll books the weekend prior to the election is the best way to be certain that elections are fair and that people only cast one vote. It is foolish and a disservice to Marylanders to abandon this practice,” continued George.

“We want honest elections and a positive experience for the citizens of Maryland when they exercise their right to vote. But we want to make sure that everyone’s vote counts equally and we want to make sure that no one votes twice,” concluded George.

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Anonymous said...

Let's go back to paper ballots, without 'chads'.