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Monday, January 21, 2013

Homeless People In Park Along Inaugural Parade Route Forced To Move

A dozen or so people, many homeless, regularly camp out in and around a small D.C. park between the Canadian Embassy and the federal courthouse just a short walk from where President Obama will take the oath of office Monday.

On a cold Friday night with final inaugural preparations under way, they curled atop steam grates while others unable to get a warm spot huddled under blankets on benches. But it was no typical Friday night around John Marshall Park.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists had begun to flood into the city to celebrate Mr. Obama’s inauguration, which meant one thing for the people who usually call this place home — warnings to clear out their stuff.



Anonymous said...

There has always been a lorge population of homeless in D.C.
As oong as politicians continue to focus on gay rights, pot and gun regulation and avoid the real issues that need correcting like improving mental health treatments and management and follow up care, laws that need updating and psyciatrists who are accountable to give quality care that situation continues. So... why do they put up with it?

Anonymous said...

Non compliance is a huge part of why these people are in the predicament they are in.They despise being told what to do,so holding a job is out of the question.Supervision is an absolute necessity in every job.It's not that they CAN'T follow simple instructions,they just don't want to.Maybe it's the way they were raised.Who knows?They have chosen their own destiny.

Anonymous said...

you ignorant little cuss you have no idea how hard it is to be homeless. do you know how hard it is to be homeless and get a shower for a job interview? or how about even just have a phone call back from applying for a job with no phone? or how about even and having dirty clothes no place to Wash them looking for an interview to improve your life? some of these people are homeless due to no fault in their own. and once you're in that hole with extremely hard to get out. I've been there I know. I'm not saying all homeless people are good people but don't show your ignorance by classifying everybody in the same group

Anonymous said...

Can't have the chosen one's gaze falling upon the unwashed.

Anonymous said...

From my observances while working in DC, a lot of their homeless are veterans. What a sin & shame for this to be happening, let alone in our nation's capital! Anyone who thinks being homeless is self-induced obviously has no idea how many people are teetering on the brink, in many cases because wages haven't increased nearly as much as the cost of living has.

Anonymous said...

Not every one is fortunate to have been born with a silver spoon and great family support or a sound mind. Something needs to change when others are non compliant to help get them back to good.