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Monday, January 21, 2013

Bills Would Establish Statewide Spay-Neuter Program

Some Maryland lawmakers want to create a statewide spay-neuter program designed to save taxpayer money by lowering the number of pets euthanized.

Legislation is expected to be introduced within weeks by member of both chambers of the General Assembly.

After studying other states’ programs for nearly two years, a task force issued a report last week recommending the state pay for the program by putting a surcharge on pet food manufacturers.

The task force, commissioned by Gov. Martin O’Malley in 2011, said $8 million to $9 million in taxpayer money is spent euthanizing 45,000 pets a year at state shelters.



Anonymous said...

Too bad we can't get it extended to the "Food Stamp" community.

Anonymous said...

This is the type of legislation that our state government should be debating and passing. SAVING $$ !
They should not be wasting time on costly controversial Bill of Rights issues that are clearly unconstitutional.
REF: District of Columbia v. Heller; 2008, 1.)h

Anonymous said...

So now the people who have pets will be paying a new STATE TAX (which will be spent on everything but it's primary purpose) AS WELL AS paying for the shelters with LOCAL taxes, donations and fees. Tax & spend, smoke & mirrors.

Anonymous said...

I as a responsible pet owner, paid to have my pet spayed. Why do I have to pay to have someone elses pet spayed with every bag of food I buy? I am so sick and tired of paying for the low class no class P'sOS. MAYBE if our local humane society actually did their job and held low cost spay neuter programs, it would make an impact on the population. But I am sure the no classer would still expect it for free. Sadder, is the fact that these miserable excuses for humans have effectivly killed 45000pets, in one state, multiply that by 52. That doesnt count the thousands that were lucky enough to make it into a rescue organization.

Anonymous said...

Amen 12:33-I've been saying this for years now. The first time someone applies for a handout they should be spay/neutered. It only makes sense. If you can't take care of yourself and family now there is no good reason to produce another child-NONE! Both of these procedures can be reversed if and when a person gets back on their financial feet.
If politicians/policy makers were sincere about reducing the Cycle of Poverty this is a first good step toward results.
No one has the guts to address this common sense approach. It's way to politically incorrect.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could attach it to Obamacare to pick up the tab - such as birth control for females.

lmclain said...

Baby, what I say....MORE surcharges. More taxes. More fees. More fines. They WILL NOT STOP because they can't --- they spend (as 1:22 points out) EVERYTHING they get and then complain they don't have enough. It does not matter if they are Republican or Democrat --- they spend with no thought of budget or consequences. Some TALK really well, but in the end, they spend spend spend. ONLY one thing will stop them and you know what that is....and its NOT another election.