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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

FBI: 77% Of JUSTIFIABLE Homicides Involved Firearms; 99% For Police

According to the FBI's unified crime report, 77.3% of justifiable homicides, defined as the killing of a felon during the commission of a felony, committed by private citizens in 2011 involved firearms. That's 201 involving a firearm out of 260 total justified homicides.

For justifiable homicides committed by law enforcement officers in 2011, the number is even higher. According to the same FBI unified crime report police used firearms in 99.2% of the justifiable homicides they were involved in, 390 of 393 to be exact.

Furthermore, the FBI's unified crime report tells us that the rate of firearms use in justified homicides has never fallen bellow 77.3% between 2007 & 2011. Similarly the rate for law enforcement officers has never been below 98.7% for that period.



lmclain said...

Wow. Never below 98.7% for cops?? I am stunned that it wasn't higher than that....considering that (yeah, the court records show it too) they have shot children in the dark, unarmed women, men reaching for their wallets, and even each other (!). One case in Prince George's county, a cop ROLLED DOWN HIS WINDOW and shot a man who didn't stop walking (!) at his command. THAT was ruled "justifiable homicide". The FIRST thing that is assumed is that the cop is right. Facts don't really count that much when cops kill. Next time try to surprise me with something that is more amazing than cops killing people and getting it labled "justified". When cops investigate cops what OTHER result do you expect? If I investigated my dad, I'm prety sure he would be innocent of any wrongdoing. No matter what. I wonder how many black people have been "justifiably" killed in just the last 15 -20 years?

Anonymous said...

5:44 PM why don't you just tell us how much you really do hate cops. Oh Yeah, and don't forget to drop the race card!

Anonymous said...

5:44 PM why don't you just tell us how much you really do hate cops. Oh Yeah, and don't forget to drop the race card!

January 16, 2013 at 6:44 PM

Why don't you tell us how much cops really love the people they are SUPPOSED to SERVE?

You don't think there is racism in law enforcement?

Cops today are just THUGS with a badge and, unfortunately, a gun.

A lot of them are returning war vets who have mental issues that were never treated in the military and doing so now would cost them their job.

The REAL cops are such a minority now that we hear even less about them than before.

A boot on someone's throat makes no distinction of who is wearing the boot.

lmclain said... HATE those videos and court records, huh? THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of them. Beating, macing, murdering and then awarding themselves plaques, promotions and "hero" accolades. ANYONE can beat up a woman. Even a woman cop. ESPECIALLY when it's five or six against one and the "one" is in handcuffs. Armed revenue enhancers for the state. They are like enforcers for the mob, but with the legal power to kill you almost without question or consequences (98.7% sound like a familiar figure?). Tough guys macing students kneeling on the ground. Laughing, while OTHER cops watch and laugh , too. And threatening anyone who questions it with "obstructing (wait for it....) JUSTICE". Multiple cops unloading entire 30 round clips into an obviously dead man and military veteran. The list is not endless, but the average person would get sick of watching the same bullying, wanna-be tough guys proving their worth as a man and a cop by body slamming 70 year old women to the concrete. Hate the facts if you will. Hate the messenger, too, if you want. But reality dosen't change because you don't like the facts....

Anonymous said...

lmclain - can you back any of your claims up with facts or would that get in the way of your stories? Why are you so much against the Police? My guess is your some type of criminal, or you failed out of the Police Academy, or you just never had the "stones" to apply to the Police Academy. If you think you can do a better job, quit hiding behind your keyboard and submit your application. Show us how it's supposed to be done.

Anonymous said...

Show us how it's supposed to be done.

January 16, 2013 at 11:58 PM

You are the ones who are supposed to know how it's done. Did your 'stones' shrink?

As far as backing up his claims, you must be new. He and others have backed up there claims multiple times. Anyone can with a simple search on google or youtube.

It's not that we hate cops per se. We hate the bad cops, the rouge cops, the abusive cops, the lying cops, the napoleon cops,etc. etc. Hope I haven't missed anyone but probably have.

Courts have finally seen that cops can and do lie, plant evidence, intimidate, and falsity reports.

As we have seen nearly every day recently. Even people working in lads have enabled cops to falsity evidence with tainted evidence.

lmclain said...

Thank you 2:14. I've NEVER EVER argued that police are not NECESSARY in society. I merely point out that they hold themselves above the law and use their almost unlimited authority to beat, rape, and kill. They sell drugs, run drugs, protect drug dealers, break every law on the books that they so energetically enforce upon the people, and 11:58 must have missed the NATIONAL news story of the former Marine combat veteran who was shot 72 times in front of his wife by 5-6 cops with AR-15's. 72 times. And that doesn't count how many rounds they MISSED him with. Or the NATIONAL news coverage of the New York polie captain macing WOMEN who were already in confinement and laughing while he did it. Watched by other cops, too. Who did NOTHING. Or the National news coverage of the cop walking back and forth macing kneeling students over and aver again. Laughing and taunting them. Or the NATIONAL news coverage of the cops in Oakland firing tear gas canisters at the HEAD of another militray veteran. Or the NATIONAL coverage of the New Orleans cops who shot to death 5 unarmed citizens (you know, the ones they claim to "serve"?) and then tried to COVER IT UP!? Where ya been, boy? HUH?? Those damn FACTS and VIDEO. Cops HATE that, don't they 11:58?

lmclain said...

Further, 11:58, answer the question that NO COP has EVER answered, despite ny constant challenge to do so ---- What did YOU do when you witnessed another cop break the law, like punching a citizen in handcuffs? I am, of course, waiting for you and your "stones" to answer....I'm pretty sure I'll be waiting a LONG time for THAT answer, but give it a shot (or 2 dozen shots, since most of you can't hit a target with just one round...)

Anonymous said...

I like to double tap. police are told not to because its not humane I prefer to make sure its done

Anonymous said...

Wow,you guys really put a lot of value on human life.Do you know something I don't? What difference would it make if the # of homicides doubled,or even tripled?Even if you did give a crap your comments won't change a thing.