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Thursday, December 06, 2012

House Committee Purge May Continue As Boehner Tightens Grip

(Reuters) - U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner's purge of some dissident Republican congressmen from key committees may continue as he seeks to tighten control over his unruly caucus ahead of difficult votes on "fiscal cliff" issues.
House Republican lawmakers said on Wednesday that in addition to the four conservatives who were stripped of their committee assignments earlier this week, other unnamed lawmakers were warned that their votes need to be more in line with party leadership and committee chairmen.
In effect, these congressmen are not "team players" working constructively with committee colleagues and leadership, Representative Pat Tiberi, a close Republican ally of Boehner from his home state of Ohio, told Reuters. Gone are the days when a lawmaker could expect "to stay on a committee forever," Tiberi said.
"This is not golf. This is baseball. You're part of a team," he added.


Anonymous said...

Both parties are acting like dictators. We need a good third party in Washington. I'm sick of all the egotistical politicians that we have now. Boehner is not much better than Obama from what I have seen of him.

see ya said...

Hi is removing Christian Conservatives from the meeting positions they hold.

We can Vote him out too and replace him with Sarah Palin or Ron Paul