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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Marines Testing Women In Combat Jobs

There may be some anxiety among male Marines as female officers work their way into infantry and other combat jobs that historically have been open only to men, the Marine Corps commandant said this week.

Gen. James F. Amos said early steps to begin moving women into artillery, tank air defense and combat engineer units have been successful, but the more difficult tests lie ahead.

“Change doesn’t come easy to the United States Marine Corps,” Gen. Amos told an audience at the National Press Club on Tuesday. “But when it does, when it’s rooted, it lasts forever. So I think we’ll work our way through it.”



Anonymous said...

this just in....test them in the kitchen instead.

Anonymous said...

Get your own damn "samage"

Anonymous said... problem if they can pass the tests...but not tests modified for us girls. If you can't stand the heat, stay off the porch. Or, if if you can't carry your weight, you should not be there.

Anonymous said...

Some of you commenting have never even had the courage to serve, but through the internet you become "brave".

Unintelligent cowards.