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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Photograph or Painting? See If You Can Tell the Difference in These 11 Hyperrealistic Works of Art

Pedro Campos is well-known in the world of photorealistic paintings. Many who have written on his work claim that they have to look twice to confirm his paintings aren’t photographs. But even after a second look, it’s still difficult to tell the difference.

 Campos’ most recent exhibition at the Plus One Gallery’s “Hyperrealism Now“ in London ”tends to elicit double takes,” as the gallery puts it. The Plus One Gallery represents Campos, among other artists.



Ranger3325 said...

That is truly amazing !!

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you 4:19 pm, the rarity of artists with the ability to do this kind of work are very, very few. I have collected well in excess of 2,000+ original works of art. Of those, only two were photorealism paintings. They look exactly like a photograph and a knowledgeable buyer needs intense magnification when examining, just to see the smallest of brush strokes. All command big bucks as the artist becomes mature and collectors start to see and find his works for sale, because of the rarity of technique. Pedro Campos Diaz (Spanish) was born in 1966 and this is the time to collect him. In 10-20 years you won't be able to afford his works, especially if he should happen to die at a young age. If you held one up close to your face, no one would be able to convince you that you were looking at an oil or acrylic original painting by a human being, they look like photographs.

Bullard Construction said...

Right off, looking at the one posted, it's definitely a painting. But that's just because I was asked to examine it for that purpose! Really great work, though.

Anonymous said...

Some of us have amazing talent.