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Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Army Says It Has Enough Tanks

Officials thought suspending production for a few years would be an easy way to save money as the military faces sharp spending cuts. But Congress begs to differ. Some Ohio lawmakers are trying to restore funds for the Army to keep buying Abrams tanks made in that state. About 800 welders and machinists are caught in the middle. General Dynamics operates the plant for the government. It says it would be cheaper to keep the plant open with minimal production than shut it down and restart it. But the Army says not all that money should come from the United States. It suggests the plant could fill orders from other countries.


Anonymous said...

Duh the obvious solution is to start warmongering in an area that could support tank battle tactics. Africa perhaps?

Anonymous said...

That’s right, let’s sell the most advanced tanks in the world to our so called friendly nations, and then they can see how to defeat them in battle by testing munitions against them, then we can fight them in a war that really has no real winner after killing and maiming thousands of our best and brightest youth. Our government always seems to back the wrong party; we were friends with Sadam and sold him tons of weapons and mines, just to name one of our so called friendly nations! Why we could sell to North Korea, Pakistan, Egypt, and also our neighbors in South America, there are plenty of nuts in power there too!
Don’t you just love America!

Anonymous said...

Is there any common sense left in this Country?