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Thursday, July 05, 2012


Happy Birthday to a wonderful place to live!

I know you're sad because of the way the government has changed things.
We are sad also.

Our government has taken the United part out of the United States of America!
We are no longer United in any way that We The People want.

The government is trying to divide and create war between ourselves.

They have taken everything that America stands for and are taking it apart by bits and pieces.

They are disecting the Constitution like a science experiment so they can toss away what they don't like.

We are losing the rights that so many fought and died for.

They want to take away our freedom of speech and our right to bear arms.

They make laws for us that do not apply to those who make the laws.

We are expected to share our hard earned money made by working with those who don't work.

We also help out other countries to feed their poor and homeless when we have millions here who are homeless and hungry.

What was once the most powerful country in the world is now broke.

I for one want to apologise on behalf of our government to you on your birthday America.

Please don't be sad on your birthday. Many of us are fighting back to restore you to the glory that you deserve.


We The People Of The United States Of America!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh so very true and...Amen again!

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Anonymous said...

And if a Republican wins the POTUS election, you'll be all sunshine and unicorns about how united we are and how great this country is, instead of all this gloom and doom.

I swear, y'all lose ONE election, and all y'all lost your minds.

America is STILL great, America is STILL the best country in the world, and AMERICANS rise to meet any challenges instead of whining because they don't like who is the President.

We're stronger than this diatribe makes us out to be.

Anonymous said...

7:56 at least when we lose an election we don't go blaming the other side for more than 3 years.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:21-Don't be so ignorant and self-righteous. Your statement is not true at all. When Bush was President, the Democrats blamed him for the catastrophic collapse of our economy. While Obama is President, the Republicans blame him for the high unemployment rate.

Anonymous said...

9:17 what a woose you are. First of all the democrats took control of both houses in 2006 making Bush a lame duck president. He tried working with the democrats in their wishful let's control society mentality and ended up getting pummeled by republican voters.

When he left office there were still successes left behind such as a 4.5% unemployment rate.

But let's not let facts get in your ideological way.

It IS what's wrong with this country.

Anonymous said...

Why did this turn into a stand off between Republicans and Democrats? It was just a simple post wishing America a happy birthday. I am a Democrat but did NOT vote for our current President in the last election, nor will I vote for him if he runs again. Maybe it's NOT the government who is turning us against each other, it is we the people who are doing it all by ourselves and the government is just sitting back adding fuel to the fire because they want us to fight each other. It will take ALL of us, no matter what party you are connected with to make a difference. No one winner OR party can do it without us!

Andy In O.C. said...

Good point 12:35, but in my opinion our government is playing a HUGE role with Americans turning against each other. Their greed, selfishness, and destruction of our economy which created massive joblessness nationwide in turn created many monsters amongst its citizens. When people can't pay their bills, lose their jobs & homes to no fault of their own, and can't provide food, clothing & shelter for themselves & their family, they become angry animals due to the injustice and mistreatment by their childish & incompetent government of late.

I saw much fewer American flags being proudly waved by people at their houses this year on July 4th...including ZERO at mine. Why you ask? Because former proud Americans are presently disgusted with and ashamed of our government. America's motto of "We The People", has been transformed into "We The Government" & America's long-time ethos of "The American Dream" has now unfortunately been transformed into..."The American NIGHTMARE."