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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Letter To The Editor 6-21-12

Hi Joe, I recently read about the destruction of Ash trees in MD by the Emerald Green Borer on your site. It's noted, 10's of millions of these trees have already been destroyed in several States when you view the info on line.

We have an Ash tree in our yard that's definately under distress, losing its leaves from the top--- for an unknow reason to us. I would not have known , what definately appears to be the cause---- had I not read about this on your site.
I have found the number to call -- 1-301- 782 1946 --to report the possibility of the "Emerald Ash Borer". I called & they will be contacting me to set up an apt. to come down to inspect the tree . They said , thus far this is the first suspected tree in Wicomico County. reported ---although many other Countys in MD have reported the "Borer " & are under restrictions to help stop the spread.

The "Borer" looks more like a fly, is Emerald Green in color , will fit on a "penny", & is a native of Asia. You will note dead branches AT THE TOP OF YOUR TREE OR WILD SHOOTS BRANCHING OFF NEAR THE BOTTOM.

Firewood, green lumber, logs, & chips are the primary means of advancing the beetle
spread!!!! Further info on what to look for can be found on line. Asking all your viewers to send this info on to others.

Thanks to you for all the info you "put out there!"

E. & J. Walls, Salisbury-MD


Anonymous said...

E and j , I have an ash tree in my yard as well. No signs if distress. For the last 2 years the USDA has placed a beetle trap in the tree to monitor if they are in area. So far no signs. I'm in parsonsburg . You may have seen the traps hanging in trees. Its free to you. You can get them to put one there next year if its not too late....the traps are purple and VERY STICKY...
Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

This insect will bore holes in the base of the tree , the holes are shaped like half moons.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, hate losing a tree of anykind.
Hope others pass the word out there!