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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Won't That Make 'Em Mad: A Black Tea Partier!

Birds of a feather might stick together, but they aren’t inviting artist-activist Lloyd Marcus to their dinner parties. At least most of the blackbirds won’t anytime soon.

Marcus is an anomaly as an artist and an enigmatic political mover. A creative African-American with a

distaste for the current, ethnic-tagging craze, Marcus calls himself “a proud, unhyphenated American.”

With apologies, I only mention skin tone because it’s the bear that pushed Marcus into the racially charged circus liberals devised for him. Rather than performing their old dog and pony tricks, though, Marcus had the audacity to become a (gasp) Republican activist. Worse yet he’s now a public face, speaker and voice for the national tea-party political group.

How did a nice boy from Baltimore end up in a place like Providence, R.I., singing “Dance with the Devil” and speaking to someone named Mr. Constitution in the rain?


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Anonymous said...

Excuse me, there are many more black, hispanic, korean, and other ethnic TEA Partiers than you think! Hold on yo your a$$, Obama, you are soon to see the size of us!