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Thursday, June 21, 2012

US to Give 146 Warplanes to New Afghan Air Force

The United States government decided to give 146 planes to Afghanistan's National Army air force by 2016, a spokesman for Afghan Ministry of Defense (MOD) said Wednesday.

The ministry praised the decision, adding that more warplanes should be given to Afghanistan in order to protect the country from any kind of threat.

"There is an agreement that US would give us 146 warplanes, but we are not satisfied with this. The number should increase. The planes would be used in any kind of situation," MOD spokesman Gen. Mohammad Zaher Azimi said.



Anonymous said...

Why on earth should the US be wasting money to give war planes to Afganastan. Just more wasteful spending to a country that in the end could use these planes against us.

Anonymous said...

So Obama can help them wipe Isreal off the map.

Anonymous said...

So we are giving away all these planes yet out own military has to be cut back. How about selling them those planes. I'm sick of giving things away to all these other countries that wouldn't give to cents to help us if we needed it. They would rather we all be dead.

Anonymous said...


Israel has lost any ally in this world, they bring nothing but hate and death to this world. they either need to change or be changed.

The way they murder thousands and thousands of palestinians year after year is disqusting.

Anonymous said...

It's not Israel that breaks the cease fires. Get your head out of the Mosque and learn facts.