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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Disturbing Viral Video Shows Middle Schoolers Abusing & Threatening Bus Monitor

Prepare to see a disturbing video of young people at their worst. This clip of middle schoolers allegedly abusing a bus monitor is so disgusting, so bothersome that it will leave many wondering what has gone awry in our society. Of course, it is merely one of the many tragic, anecdotal instances of human cruelty that we so often see today. The unbelievable clip is painful to watch, as it shows alleged students from Greece Athena Middle School in Rochester, New York (my hometown) take their abuse to horrific levels.

The woman purportedly shown in the video, Karen Huff Klein, 68, is victimized incessantly, as students spew insults and obscenities at her. Throughout the clip, the children can be heard in the background calling her “fat,” threatening her and making fun of her hairstyle, among other sentiments. Astonishingly, the abuse continues for more than 10 minutes.


 Editors Note: If these were your kids how would you punish them?


Anonymous said...

I saw this yesterday. The "F" word was used so many times. Where is Al Sharpton on this one?

Anonymous said...

If they were my kids there would be some sore butts and soap in there mouth. After I was done with that they would be going to the monitors house to do yard work and anything else she needs done.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of education. You all have no idea what teacher have to put up with.

Anonymous said...

I cant say what I would do because my kids would not talk to anyone like that. BUT, she should SUE the hell out of the parents of the person illegally recording her. When parents have to pay and have to step up, then things will be done. Holding Parents accountable is the way!

Anonymous said...

Oh i cant even say here what i would do. That poor woman.

Anonymous said...

You know, as long as those kids get away with that type of behaviour they will continue. That video was a set up. She could have gotten up several times when the bus stopped for others to board. Put a man in ladies clothing on that bus and if they do that, then kick their asses and it will stop. If people are not willing to fight back then it's what they deserve. Reasoning is if that lady had self defence she probably wouldn't have used it. In society today, you had better have some sort of self defence or you will be a victim. It's a shame but that's the way it is in our Country today.

Anonymous said...

As for the students who bullied her, Klein, who worked as a bus driver for 20 years and has been a bus monitor for the past three, said she doesn't want them to be punished. Instead, she hopes that parents see the videos, hear the words and talk to their kids.

Wow. She is different from what I would say.

A belt across their...butt.. might make them think twice before doing crap like this.

Anonymous said...

There must be some tough kids who are about 5 years older than the culprits. They are out there and they want to earn a little money. Come on lady (or lady's son, nephew, friend). Help her out! Find some of these tough guys and give them a fun part time job.

Those kids will rue the day they spoke unkindly to this lady.

Anonymous said...

And I read someone created a page for people to make donations to send her on a vacation.

It's goal was $5,000.

So far they have raised $300,000 and still counting.

Jokes on you, ill-mannered kids.

Anonymous said...

That video was a set up. She could have gotten up several times when the bus stopped for others to board.9:47 PM

What is it with you and set ups? Geesh.

She is a MONITOR. She is not going to get up and move, although she did make one of the kids move.

Why am I even talking to you? Your whole comment is bs.

Self defense? OMG

Anonymous said...

To punish them I would make each kid a bus moniter for week.

Let them walk in her shoes and feel the same experience

Anonymous said...

You people amaze me with all your "kick butt" comments. This lady could not touch those kids or she would be in jail. Yes, she could have moved, except her job is to be the bus monitor so getting up moving around would defeat the purpose of her job. I think society needs to change. No one can even touch their children anymore no matter what the kid does or they risk child protective services and charges coming at them. But the first thing that everybody says when they do something really heinous is, "where were the parents." I see all these articles where parents forced their kids to walk around with signs. "I stole from my parents", "I can't talk on facebook because I have a smart mouth", etc...
That is really a deterrent. These kids need a** whippings. They also need to go to church regularly so they have some kind of spirituality. The only God they recognize is themselves. They think the world starts and ends with them.
I am glad I don't have any kids and that I am past middle age and won't be around to see just how bad this generation is going to be because I think they age going to be unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

If my children acted like that they would have some sore rearends! They would also be making a very public apology!! With that apology they would also be assisting her for at lease three months. If parents taught their children to have respect for others activities, and I use that term loosely, would not take place. I believe parents/guardians should also be held accountable for the actions of these children. I know some kids will follow the actions of the bullies, but they need to be taught this is wrong and suffer the consequences for their actions.

Anonymous said...

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