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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Supporters Say Legalizing Medical Marijuana In Md. Will Help Save Lives

A good kid—an Eagle Scout—buys marijuana on the street. What would make him do that? He tells his story to Vic Carter. He’s in the fight of his life and wants you to know why he’s breaking the law.

They believe lighting up marijuana will help save their lives.

It’s no ordinary high. “It’s just as useful to me as chemotherapy,” said Phillip Weigner, medical marijuana user.

The 22-year-old is battling a rare type of stage four cancer. The symptoms are brutal.



Anonymous said...

Anything goes for a free toke...
Who are "they" kidding?

Anonymous said...

Not if Maryland is anything like Delaware it won't. They passed the law legalizing it in Delaware last July. Well it is almost July again and are there any doctors who are "recommending" it yet. Nope, not a one. Oh, and the state decided they better hold off on the three facilities where people were to go to get their "prescription." The Feds are raiding those types of facilities and they don't want to put any "state workers" in danger of being arrested. In other words it did not one bit of good to pass the medical marijuana law last year. So unless Maryland has more balls than Delaware it won't save a life, make a life of pain more bearable, or even change a thing other than to give a "lawmaker" an opportunity to say, "I voted to try and alieve some of your pain." Ha. Yeah, right. And Santa still comes down the chimney right.

Anonymous said...

Medical marijuana is legal to varying degrees in 16 states and in Washington, D.C.

So it's legal in D.C., but yet they raid other states? Unbelievable.