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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Fernando Guerrero Supports Joe Albero

From the time that I met Joe he's always been there for me. Way back when I was an amateur to now when I'm a professional. Way back when I was undefeated to now in my first defeat. From young to old, from undefeated to defeated, Joe Albero has always been a Fernando Guerrero supporter, a Fernando Guerrero friend. He has offered a lot of commitment to our friendship and only wanted nothing but friendship back. That's why I'm so excited for him to step up and say, "hey I can make a difference" and for me there is no one better to make that difference.

Joe for Mayor, I think Salisbury needs him.


Anonymous said...

I see WGMD has the announcement on their site. I like outspoken and controversial. It's the new way. People have had it with politicians who brown nose everyone, and don't stand firm on their convictions.
Everyone is also tired of politicans not doing their fiduciary duty to their constituents.
The way property values rose years ago, every town should be operating with a surplus (this is esp true for OC) but they aren't due to irresponsible spending by the elected officials.

Anonymous said...

"The way property taxes rose years ago"? Really.....what about the revenue cap? Another person that does not understand simple math.

Anonymous said...

Go, Fernando!

Go, Joe!!