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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Christian Teens Say Gay Activist Made Girls Cry

Jake Naman knew something was about to happen.

The 18-year-old from Redlands, Calif., was sitting inside a cavernous building in Seattle waiting to hear from Dan Savage, the founder of the “It Gets Better” anti-bullying campaign.

Savage had been invited to speak to several thousand high school journalists attending a national conference hosted by the National Scholastic Press Association and the Journalism Education Association.

Naman, who is a yearbook photographer at Arrowhead Christian Academy, thought Savage was going to talk about his anti-bullying campaign. But the Christian teenager soon learned that Savage had a very different message for the students.

“I hope you’re all using birth control,” Savage told the teenagers as he began his remarks. From there, he regaled the young people who stories about his husband, describing how he looked in a Speedo. At one point, Savage imagined what it would be like with his husband on stage – telling the kids that they would have to pry him off his partner.



Anonymous said...

Savage is a putrid rotten and disgusting excuse of a human being. When he was sick with the Flu he deliberately llicked the doorknobs of a Republican candidate, Gary Bauer with the purpose of getting him sick at election time. This homosexual rabid animal is the epitome of perversion.

Anonymous said...

What would have happened if a Straight person would have gotten up there and talked about having to pry himself off his partner? This is just gross.
Seems like they don't want to be bullied but they see no problem in doing it to others.

Anonymous said...

obama makes me cry. map

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone book him to be a speaker, and to kids no less?

No wonder kids are so messed up if they have to listen to people like this perv.

And why would anyone need to hear about his sex life? Sounds like a mean, angry, terrible person to me.

And yet, what's even worse, kids were cheering him on and applauding.

How much further can this country fall?

Anonymous said...

Funny how the bullied becomes the bully when they have the power.

Anonymous said...

Obama, Eric holder, Hillary Clinton are all part of the G.L.T.B. group, and use our tax dollars to promote these evil lifestyles.

Anonymous said...

"Pansy"? Isn't that a pejorative for homosexual men (or at least effeminate men)? So... it's once again okay for a member of a protected group to use a word he would violently object to if it came out of the mouth of one who doesn't "belong" to his group? I guess he would say that he used it ironically. But is anyone really surprised that a militant gay who has been supported by "O-bam-a" would spew such hatred & contempt for the bible and Christianity in general? One has to assume he felt completely safe in doing so, given the fact that he chose to spew this hatred at people who are (for the most part) not likely to cause him any injury and that he didn't criticize islam.

Anonymous said...

Pansy is a flower, so calling someone a pansy is like calling them "soft" doesn't have to mean gay.

Anonymous said...

You guys keep spinning that Obama hates Christians stuff instead of telling us how the Republicans are going to help this country.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:31 Yeah, riiiight. He just meant soft. Yeah, that's the ticket. The point was, you doofus, that if a straight guy had said it, Mr. Savage would have gone ballistic.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:28 You assume that was the point of my comment when it wasn't at all. There are plenty of reasons Obama needs to go and you (along with the rest of the left{yes, I'm assuming you're a lib} wing automatons). I don't care one bit about the religion of the president. I do, though, care about his policies and disagree vehemently with many of those he espouses & forces on US citizens through executive fiat, bypassing the other duly elected branches of the government. The point is that if you belong to a "protected" group, you can say (and sometimes even do) most anything without fear of any consequence. The fact is (if you would bother to check) that "O-bam-a" has expressed support for this vile man and will probably continue to do so despite these outrageous comments.