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Monday, March 26, 2012

Worcester Teachers Union


You are aware that there is a move by the teacher's union to increase the property tax in Worcester County for raises... Can't really blame them... they haven't had one in 3 years but, with the economy on the Lower Shore in the dumps, should they really expect one? So, in an effort to gain public support they've come up with yard signs to support their effort. I have no problem with that... the teachers give the union about $1000. a year each and get nothing in return... If they are stupid enough to give the bucks, let the union waste the bucks.

What does concern me is that these signs are popping up on School properties. Even in front of the Board of Education property on Worcester Highway. So... The way I see it is that School properties belong to the taxpayers of Worcester County. So, property owned by the taxpayers is being used to advertise for additional taxes from the people that own the property. I DO have a problem with that.

Craig Theobald


Anonymous said...

Bet the people who have been out of work since the teachers got their last raise are ready to jump on this bandwagon. So what if it's public property being used to support private causes; teachers obviously have little regard for the public.

Anonymous said...

illegal! period!

Anonymous said...

I've just got a problem with the signs in general. I've seen more than one laying on the side of the road.
Whoever is handing them out like candy needs to drive around and pick up the ones that have blown all over!
I have no idea what the sign even means but I refuse to support ANYONE who condones this trash all over the place!

Anonymous said...

If they have been out of work since the last pay raise teachers recieved then that is their fault. McDonalds is hiring along with other food places and even WalMart. Nice excuse though. Be mad at your State Govenrnment for sending you this bill.

Anonymous said...

These union scum need to skip raises for the next ten years so they can be in parity with the general public

Anonymous said...

This is a blatantly illegal use of public property for political purposes. The signs also cannot be placed on town, county or state property.