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Monday, March 26, 2012

A Letter To The Editor 3-26-12


thought i would send a note to you since this seems to be the place for news on the 'bury. wonder if you would write an article on something close to all of us - downtown.

i work down there, we were at the library this weekend. its just sad. one street? really?

we were in easton a few weekends back and the streets were clean, nice wide sidewalks, shops, original live music, bars, ect why cant salisbury seem to do the same?

lived here for 12 years and it just gets worse. its becoming a city of highways; no where to walk, no where to just park and walk and feel safe.

i enjoy living here and want us all on the same page with turning this downward trend around.

just went to your blog and wanted to say something; get the word out.



Anonymous said...

The city of salisbury lacks leadership. It is a very simple task to keep the city clean. We pay people to do this. We need supervisors with a set of grapes.
Maryland is an "at will employment state". If people are not doing their job , then fire them.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! park and walk.
You immediately become a target of suspicious police, or a pervert or criminal.
Salisbury is not what it used to be.

Anonymous said...

The city of Salisbury is a dump and has been for years. Both Houses and businesses are eye sores, route 13 & 50 are dumping grounds, no wonder real families or businesses don't want to move here. Landlords and businesses they are scared to go after, only the home owners they can intimidate or the few that care make a small difference and definately out numbered. Park and sit you must be kidding.

Anonymous said...

Comparing Easton to Salisbury is like compairing apples to oranges.
Many Easton area homeowners are extremely wealthy. CEO's of global corps with incomes of 20 mil plus a year. Queen Noor has a home there and Dick Cheney and quite a few multi multi millionairs, billionairs and Washington DC insiders who wish to remain anon.
In Easton you can open a shop and sell $50 wine glasses,they sell and no one blinks an eye.
JFK Jr when alive would walk the streets of Easton as he had a schoolhood friend who lived there. I've also seen Greta Van Susteren and her husband John Coale, DC super attorney around Easton. Different socio-econmomics is the reason for the difference.

Anonymous said...

I've been to Cambridge downtown, not at all a "millionaire's town" but the story is the same. Busy shops, bustling downtown. There is a HUGE difference that makes the mood in both towns, and Salisbury WILL NOT ALLOW IT! It's really insane, minute, ignorant, selfish, and stupidly apparent, but it's still there. Poor Salisbury... no leadership. No common sense.

Who would ever want to park a car and spend 4 to 5 hours shopping 27 stores when one would have to run out to a parking meter and feed it 3 quarters every 30 to 40 minutes? Doesn't happen at the Mall, Wally World, Home Depot, Easton, or Cambridge.