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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bacteria Help Body Beef Up Immunity, Study Says

When it comes to bacteria, many people have a pretty simple view: Germs are bad, and our lives should be as free of them as possible.

But an alternate idea suggests just the opposite: Germs are a necessary part of a healthy immune system, helping our body's defenses beef up and fight future illnesses. When a person's exposure to germs is decreased, problems may arise.

The idea is called the hygiene hypothesis. For years, scientists have suspected that it played a role in how diseases affect people in the modern hand-sanitized world, but they never had any specific evidence.

But a new study from researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston has changed that.



Anonymous said...

All this germaphobia & constant use of antibiotics is what's making people sick & germs resistant. Today, in this "instant gratification" society, someone sneezes & the dr. gives them a pill. Let your body learn, once again, to recognize the germ & fight it off. Let the kids go "play in the dirt". It's actually good for them.

Anonymous said...

another suggestion: if you have a fever let it run it's course because it kills the virus.

only if it gets too high or runs too long should you take additional steps.

Anonymous said...

I've known that for 50 years. Funny how people can't think to use common sense and time tested reality and are so gullible to go with the "latest trendy findings".

Just look at the latest trendy president people voted for.

Anonymous said...

A low grade fewer during chicken pox will shorten the duration of them. Same with some other infections.
There's a stomach flu going around. Don't take an anti diareaheal for atleast 36 hours and the length of time afflicted may be shorter. Not pleasant but true. The vomiting and diarrhea are the body's way of trying to expel the gastro bug. Drink plenty of water and rest.