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Monday, March 26, 2012

Maryland State Police Investigate Charges of a Trooper Assaulting a Waitress

Maryland State Police are investigating whether one of their own, a state trooper, assaulted a waitress at a popular restaurant chain.

The alleged incident happened at a Ruby Tuesday's in Prince Frederick last Thursday, apparently after the trooper became upset about how his meal was cooked.

Maryland State Police are confirming they're investigating the incident. They say an assault complaint has been filed against a State Trooper from the Leonardtown Barracks. This all began with an undercooked chicken dinner.

Waitress Amy Howes say it was the most intimidating and frightening encounter she's ever had with a customer.



Anonymous said...

Typical aggressive intimidating behavior out of an A--hole with a badge! I have a whole bunch of friends that are Police officers and they are great people. The majority are not like this guy but he makes all of them look bad. Even if he has not committed a criminal act there is no excuse for him to act the way he did and should be punished for his temper.

Anonymous said...

Even if he has not committed a criminal act there is no excuse for him to act the way he did and should be punished for his temper.

March 26, 2012 7:36 PM

It's called abuse of power. If guilty. And it is criminal.

Or it could just be a bad day and bad manners.

Anonymous said...

Just tell this trooper that, if you want good chicken, come to Delaware. Oh, did I mention that it will be tax free too?

Anonymous said...

The police are becoming a more aggressive military entity so
A STRICT military code of justice needs to be imposed on the entire force.
You cannot adopt and train military tactics and ideology without the necessary punishment for criminal acts on or off the job.
They feel entitled through their force continuum theories and empowered by a ridiculously lenient judicial system.

Anonymous said...

mmm.... tax free chicken. Now there's something nice. i love delaware!!!

mack said...

There needs to be a Cop gone bad registry as it is becoming more and more common for those who uphold the law to break them and we need to watch for these type of people as once released from law enforcement will become our next criminals and destroy people's lives without us knowing who they are and to protect our families.

Anonymous said...

Several years ago I emailed the superintendant of the msp asking for their manual that explains to the officers just how they are to conduct themseves both while on and off duty. I received a call from them asking why I wanted the manual. They stated their would be a copy fee for the manual. I said that's ok, I would pay it. To this day I still have not received the manual. Would be nice to have handy when some ahole pulls a stunt like this and you pull out a copy of that and explain to him how many rules of conduct he is in violation of and why you are filing charges against him!

Anonymous said...

10:21 AM

Did you go to the barracks to pay for it?