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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shouldn’t Pro-Lifers Be Anti-Death?

A battle over pollution is dividing Evangelicals over what's appropriate to fight for under the "pro-life banner"

Evangelicals have opened up a fascinating new controversy around the complicated issue of fetal rights: If a known neurotoxin — being spewed into the air by coal-fired plants — enters the fetal bloodstream and causes brain damage or premature death, does that threat to the fetus count as something pro-lifers should consider? No, according to lengthy statement released Feb. 8 by the Cornwall Alliance and signed by religious leaders such as Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser, officials with Focus on the Family and other groups that oppose abortion. “The life in pro-life denotes not quality of life but life itself.” The statement goes on to say that the signees do not feel that it is appropriate to fight anything but abortion “under the pro-life banner.”


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Anonymous said...

it's about the taking of innocent life. not for all those murderers on death row! they are not innocent!