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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Today's Survey Question 12-7-11

Is it time to do away with the Postal Service?


Shawn said...


Is it time that they were given full control to run it like a business, YES!

Mail is still a relevant medium for communication and advertising. In 10-20 years we should revisit this question once the older population that still relies on mail has passed on.

Anonymous said...

privatize it, de-unionize it

Anonymous said...

Yes , way over due! Another waste of our money. The government should not be in any business! It can't control and doesn't know how to be competitive.

Anonymous said...

you cant send a package to anywhere as cheap as you can by usps they just need to raise their rates

Anonymous said...

And replace it with what? I agree with 1:06.

Anonymous said...

Time for the federal gov't to end the gov't enforced monopoly. Allow competition through privatization. The postal union ruined their golden egg, and now have to face fiscal reality.