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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Brittingham Press Release-Burglary

Worcester County Bureau of Investigation

Date & Time: 12/03/2011 @ 0200 A.M.
Case #:11-0285
Location Occurred: Evans Road, Berlin, Worcester County, Maryland
Crime or Violation: 1st Degree Burglary, 4th Degree Burglary, Malicious
Destruction of Property Under $500, Possession of Heroine, Possession
Victim: Dorothy Warren
Accused: Kyle Barton Brittingham W/M 1520 Ingleside Avenue, Perryville, MD


On 12/03/2011 at 0230 Hrs, investigators from the Worcester County Bureau of
Investigation responded to Evans Road, Berlin, Worcester County Maryland to
investigate a burglary. Investigation revealed that the suspect, who was later
identified as Kyle Barton Brittingham, entered the residence of 9378 Evans Road
and attempted to steal a “safe” located beside the victim’s bed. A description
and positive identification was made by the victim and Brittingham was
subsequently located and arrested at the residence next to the victim’s.

Brittingham was charged with First and Fourth Degree Burglary, Malicious
Destruction of Property Under $500, Possession of Heroine, and Possession of
Paraphernalia. Brittingham was taken to the Snow Hill Commissioner where he was
held on $25,000 bond.


Anonymous said...

Heroin? It seems as though Berlin is always in the news for some kind of drug arrest or crimes which were obviously committed for drug money.

lmclain said...

yhe had to have some more money for his newest tattoo....that "pray for my enemies" one is not scary enough....I'm thinking "I'm tough, but stupid, too. Pray for me". LOSER. That would be a good tattoo for him, too. Right on his forehead.

kl said...

ok imclain... kyle is actually very smart firstly.. secondly would a loser be considered someone who goes on news websites and make retarded comments about other people... i think so... u need to get a life buddy!! u like to make fun of people that are in worse situations the you because u dont think ur as good as most other people so u have to make urself feel better by trying to make others think they are less then you... but kyle is not less then u... he had a prob... hes facing it like a man and doing what he needs to do.... thats a heck of alot more then i can say for someone who can talk smack on a news blog!!! LOOK IN THE MIRROR TO FIND THE REAL LOSER!!