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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Doug Church Saga Continues

After yesterdays alleged break in event in Doug Church's Downtown building, Salisbury News informed the local Police of the multiple problems with the entrance door.

Mayor Ireton just summoned 47 News, (as usual) to come down to that building while Mayor Ireton simply walked up to the security door and opened it right up without any problem whatsoever.

As we stated yesterday, there's so much moisture on the door it swells to a point in which you cannot close it in order for the lock to close. In other cases it swells so much you cannot even open the door. The first image clearly shows ALL of the paint gone around the inside of the door because of such swelling.

I'm sure you'll be able to see the 47 News interview tonight where we're told Mayor Ireton becomes quite irate about the situation and even though Salisbury News was the one who tipped the City off with the problem, we're not the "play nice" news organization in which Mayor Ireton will recognize. Nevertheless, this should make him look pretty darned foolish, since we're letting the cat out of the bag ahead of time.

One would think Doug Church would be right on this, especially since his Father was down at the building today doing demolition work to a commercial suite. Tenants are irate. We should add, this has been a problem for more than a year now and Mr. Church has NOT fixed it.

It's a shame Mayor Ireton is grandstanding on this issue. It's a bigger shame that the City Inspectors who were aware of the problem last week DIDN'T do something about it.

Mayor Ireton, rather than the LOOK AT MEEE in front of the cameras, perhaps YOU can be proactive and do something about it. I personally think you'll look like a fool bitching about the problem when tens of thousands of people will see this first and know you knew about it and couldn't get the City to take care of it. We need more laws, right Jim?


Anonymous said...

Doug Church doesn't care about Salisbury. He's moved on to DC, where there are less pressures to keep him from living the life he wants to. He used to be a college slumlord. Now he's an absentee owner.

Anonymous said...

Thought the city made a loan on that building?

Anonymous said...

Dougie and Jim-Beau deserve each other, and Laura Mitchell, too.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me Phillips in Ocean City were sued years ago and lost after a rape occured in one of their unsecure apartments that had a known broken window lock and wasn't repaired or something like that.
I'm not into suing but sometimes the only things that work is to hit them in the wallet.

Anonymous said...

I moved into the building in September and supposedly the leak was fixed before I moved in. The first week I was there it rained and leaked. When I told Doug he said that once the stucco guy finished it should be ok. About a month later, the stucco guy finally came and finished and as soon as it rained the leak was just as took a couple of weeks to get the roofers out to "re-access" the problem. That was about a month ago and nothing has been done. Meanwhile everytime it rains I am left to clean up puddles in 4 areas of my apt where it is leaking. I was informed today that the roofers are supposed to be out tomorrow to make repairs. My refrigerator is leaking internally from the ice maker line I believe and after 3 months nothing has been done about that either. I am frusterated to say the least and pay too much money to have these types of problems. I love living downtown and just want things made right!

Anonymous said...

I think the fair thing for him to do would be to compt you a couple of months rent for your trouble like forever having to clean up the mess from the broken ice maker.
Mold is a hugh problem.

Anonymous said...

Has everyone forgotten that Doug Church is a FOB??

Barrie was going to give Doug Church that city parking lot beside Market Street Inn so Dougie could get rich selling 10 condo's there.

Anonymous said...

I would rather see Jim Ireton Grand Standing in front of Channel 47 telling everyone how he made a big mistake in appointing Jeff Simpson as the fire chief!

Anonymous said...

What's Dougie doing in DC?

Anonymous said...

What? Are Jim's cronies at the Daily Times going to feature this on the front page they way they did Tim Spies and his paint job (that doesn't put anyone at risk of getting robbed, raped and killed!)???????????

What about the Code Compliance dept., Jimster? You told the masses how great a job they were doing enforcing this stuff downtown.

Did Laura Mitchell grandstand with you, Jimbo? Word on the street is she and your Sister Shanie are helping the slumlords go after Spies. Is that true?

I feel for the folks living in that unsafe, leaky craphole downtown. I "been there, done that" when I was younger and now thank God I live on a quiet road in a decent home in the county that is mine all mine. The Barrie Years were bad enough. At least I don't have to live through the Barrie Part II Years too!

Anonymous said...


That's a great comment!

But it's Jim-beau, not Jimster.

Anonymous said...

Jim, give us a nice Christmas present telling us Jeff Simpson the fire chief you were duped on.

Anonymous said...

Joe, did you read the DT article on this today? Says the burglary was reported an hour after it occurred. And Doug dismissed claims of the door not working. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:23 PM,
Doug isn't and never was a slumlord. His FEW properties (which are exactly 5 residential units and 2 commercial units)are among the nicest is Salisbury unlike those of other real slumlords in this City. A broken common entry door and apparently a leaky roof doesn't constitute a slumlord. Did the door lock to the actual unit not work?? Why wasn't that locked? Roof leaks are a PITA too. I personally had a roof leak at my own home that took several attempts over two months to fix. A lot of times it is extremely hard to find out where the water is coming from.

On another note, THIS IS WHY DOWNTOWN WILL NEVER SUCCEED! The people investing money in that area are constantly under the microscope. Joe, I have a lot of respect for you, but your opinions and slanted views can certainly hinder progress. Unfortunately, a lot of the readers here are simply lemmings and will believe, whole heartedly, EVERYTHING you say whether it be right or wrong. Not to mention that half the comments left are lies from vindictive people.

So tell me, do you want the Downtown Area to thrive or not? Or do you want to continue to blow out a story that you don't even have all the facts on? And trust me, you're missing a few. Doug is by far one of the top investors in the downtown area over the past decade and he did it at fair market value, not by robbing the City.

Back off and dig a little deeper for the true story

Anonymous said...

@3:23 - "He's moved on to DC, where there are less pressures to keep him from living the life he wants to." - What type of life is it that he wants to live?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure rain that is washing bird feces and who knows what else into a living space at least should be against health department regulations. That's disgusting

Anonymous said...

Is 8:51 Jim Ireton? The problem isn't that downtown investors are under a microscope. The problem is a city that finds any old crap to be acceptable, as long as it's the right person's crap. I don't know who this Church guy is and don't care. But reading here, it sounds like he's got connections.

If this was Joe Albero, he'd get a ticket. If it's Tim Spies, he'd get a ticket. If it's the little old lady next door to me, she'd get a ticket.

My friend's daughter goes to SU. I offered to have her live with us. Oh, no, she wants to be independent and on her own and closer to the college. Do you think there's so much as a deadbolt on her door? Hell no, and she pays through the nose for rent.

Anonymous said...

ANON 11:30 AM,
Trust me, Jim Ireton and Doug Church are by no means connected. They certainly don't see eye to eye.

You all can go on and on about code and inspections, but name the actual violation here... Oh yeah, that's right, there isn't one! Go ahead and pick apart a rental property, but how about you start with the ones with REAL issues first.

Notice how Joe didn't even respond to Anon 8:51's comment. He knows that there's more to the story and I hope that he's out there further investigating

Anonymous said...

8:51AM -

You don't remember Doug Church trying to illegally rent a house out on Camden Ave in violation of 4-2, do you? That house isn't very nice.

And he invested "at market rates?" He was subsidized by the city.

Anonymous said...

Apparently most of the comments being made are unfounded. the apartments downtown are of high quality with hardwood floors,ceramic baths,central heat & air, sytainless appliances including washer & dryers,and wireless internet. The buildings have keyless entry systems and fire sprinklers. As with most older buildings (and newer ones) you will have problems. The building have flat roofs with a roof drainage system. If you know anything about flat roofs you will know that a leak is very difficult to locate in order to fix. Believe me Doug has been on top of the roof issue for a while and not just sitting idle collecting rent.
I can assure you that when a tenant has an issue Doug does his best to make it right. Sensational journalism just seems to get more attention rather than addressing the issues in a normal fashion.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, 2:40pm. I feel much better now that an anonymous person has lent their credibility to Doug Church.


If you have first hand knowledge and know him that well, use your name.