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Friday, December 23, 2011

Soldier Pawns Purple Heart For Christmas

WASHINGTON – Here’s a harsh reminder that yellow ribbons and care packages aren’t always enough support for the troops: A soldier on leave from Afghanistan walked into a Michigan consignment shop last week to pawn a Purple Heart to help cover his Christmas bills. From the Holland Sentinel:


Anonymous said...

Obama's economy.

Anonymous said...

A soldier's return from unnecesary wars thanks to George W. Bush, that we're STILL paying for. Now, there's no jobs for all these soldiers!
It's so very sad!

Anonymous said...

You can thank the Democrats for cutting defense spending that led to a intelligence break down causing 9/11 forcing Bush's hand to enter the war based on the Clinton administrations bad intelligence. As for the economy Bush had record breaking numbers until Pelosi and Reid took control of congress then within two years they brought the country to it's knees with the help of Barney Frank and his bank debacle.

Anonymous said...

Sign of the times and not good times either.