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Friday, December 23, 2011

National Review's Racist Rants

The whole world should know by now that the neocons at National Review magazine, the War Street Journal, and elsewhere will tell any lie in pursuit of political power. Lying the nation into war with Iraq by spreading the falsehood of "weapons of mass destruction" that were supposedly headed our way was the most atrociously evil act perpetrated by the U.S government and its propaganda organs in decades, having led to the senseless death of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

No one should be surprised that National Review is now engaged in a spectacular act of chutzpah, to put it mildly, by smearing Ron Paul as being insensitive on matters of race. Before anyone gives any credence to the latest smear campaign against Congressman Paul it would be useful to take a look at National Review’s own record of publications on the issue of race relations. It is not a pretty picture.



Anonymous said...

Or you could just read the articles Ron Paul either authored or allowed to be published in his own newsletter for 15 years. His own words are all that are needed to prove his views on race.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could look at Obama's college thesis and see how he felt on the subject..............oh yeah we can't cause he sealed them from public view. Hmmmmmm