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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sexting Substitute Meagan Gordon Pleads Guilty

GEORGETOWN — A substitute teacher who showed a high school student racy pictures of herself on a cellular phone is not going to jail.  Meagan Gordon, 22, was sentenced to one year of probation and ordered to pay $500 for showing a 15-year-old Sussex Technical High School student naked pictures of herself and sending the student sexually suggestive text messages.



Anonymous said...

Wow 1 year probation. If this were the other way around and it was a sale sending a female pictures and text messages he would be locked up.

Anonymous said...

so true 941am
if a man talks dirty to a woman, its 5-10 years.
if a woman talks dirty to a man, its 3.99 a minute

JoeAlbero said...

Man, I just read this and that's unbelievable!

If a man would be thrown in jail for the same crime, what's up with this crap!

Either change the laws or follow the law.

I say, follow the law. Could this mean discrimination suits against the state from those men who have been prosecuted for similar crimes????

Anonymous said...

Pretty sick to believe this girl can get one year probation for trying to entice a much younger teenager. But sadly this is the way our world works.