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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Law Adds To The Harm

The appearance of any new study indicating an increase in marijuana use by youth is always a prelude to a renewed government surge in America’s war on drugs. But let’s be realistic about our options. It's not as though tough enforcement keeps kids away from marijuana. Usage goes up and down no matter what we do. By keeping marijuana illegal, we nudge youngsters into contact with real criminals engaged in the drug trade. Then we bust kids, giving them a criminal record.


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lmclain said...

Don't forget that AFTER they are arrested and given a criminal record, we put them in close and regular contact with a bunch of people who WANT to do bad things (as their life's occupation). And people who know who, how, and where to get even BETTER drugs (and make some money at it, too). But keep falling for the government' scary lines and the propoganda used to convince you of things that are just not true. USA! USA! USA! More prisons! More police!! More SURVEILLANCE! THATS what we need! That, and another trillion dollars and 50 more years.