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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Showdown Over Payroll Taxes Continues

Lawmakers and the White House appear locked in a stalemate that could drag all the way into the last week of the year. House Republicans killed a Senate passed two-month extension of expiring social security tax cuts late yesterday. They are demanding the Senate return from its holiday recess to negotiate a year long measure that would paying for the tax cuts with an extended federal pay freeze among other cuts. If legislation isn't passed by January first, payroll taxes will go up by almost $20 a week for the average worker. Almost 2 million people could lose unemployment benefits and doctors would bear big cuts in Medicare payments.


Anonymous said...

So the Senate, run by Harry Reid, passes a 2 month extension to the payroll tax cut, and then ajourns and goes home.
The House has passed 25 different budget bills since January and the Senate refuses (Harry Reid) to allow a vote on the house bills.
The Senate hasn't passed a budget in over 1000 days.
But the House republicans are the ones the media is saying are playing politics?

Only from the libtard media!

Anonymous said...

The Democrats whined and whined about a one year extension and when the Republicans said okay they cut it to two months and lowered the percentage.

Concerned Retiree said...

DemocRATS are doing it again by saying the House has to pass the Senate / Presidents version of this legislation. Is this not what they did with Obamacare? Did they forget they cannot force their agenda now?
Why isn't someone bring up the fact that SSI is being robbed again because of this legislation. Some say no money is being taken from SSI but they better be more informed.
How many will be effected by SSI account losing money?
Thought they were trying to save SSI?