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Monday, December 12, 2011

Blago's Saga By Becky Akers

Punishing politicians for corruption is like scolding the Black Death for killing folks.

So we can empathize with the fury, despair and "why-me?" shock that must have roiled Illinois’ former Congresscriminal and governor, Rod Blagojevich, at his arrest, trial, and conviction, let alone his sentencing last week on nebulous charges that boil down to … governing. Show me the politician who doesn’t swap favors and peddle influence as tirelessly as normal people breathe.

Despite the preening of Blago’s smug prosecutor, self-righteous judge and the State’s cheerleaders in the media, condemning the poor slob to 14 years’ imprisonment is equivalent to exterminating one rat out of the millions spreading plague in medieval Europe: it’s the teeniest, tiniest start on curing what ails us. Judge James Zagel should round up the rest of the elected or appointed leeches and herd them off to the pokey, too, then follow and lock the door behind himself.

Fascinating questions have shadowed this circus from the start, primarily whom Blago angered. And what does he know about Obummer ("The White House declined comment on Blagojevich's sentence." You bet it did!)? Or the vile Rahm Emmanuel? Blago’s info is obviously explosive since it requires disgrace so profound the corporate media will continue to ridicule him rather than report whatever he sings. On top of that, Leviathan has forcibly silenced Blago ("In prison, Blagojevich will largely be cut off from the outside world"), perhaps permanently: look for him to die there, probably by "suicide."


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