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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Debate Day: Showdown On The Strip (The Note)

LAS VEGAS — Rick Perry has come to Sin City in search of forgiveness — a little absolution for past debate performances that even he acknowledges have been less than stellar.
“I tell people, I say ‘I’m not the best debater on the stage, but I’ve got the best record,” he said in an interview with the local Las Vegas television station KTNV. “I think that’s what Americans are interested in. Don’t give us a bunch of rhetoric. Tell us how to get this country working again.”

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Anonymous said...

Why do none of the candidates other than Newt see the strategy being used by the media to pit Republican against Republican and to give O'bama (he's Irish, right?) a cornucopia (had to work in that seasonal reference) of sound bites to use against whoever the nominee turns out to be? Last night's debate was disgraceful and potentially disastrous in that respect!