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Friday, September 30, 2011

Surgeon Sues Former Fiancee for $73K Engagement Ring

Houston surgeon Craig Fischer is suing his former fiancée, Nichole L. Johnson, in an effort to recoup a $73,000 engagement ring plus money for a lease and wedding funds totaling $75,000, according to court documents.

The lawsuit, filed five days after the couple split, accuses Johnson of making defamatory remarks and seeks the return of a 4.06 carat diamond ring from Zadok Jewelers, $50,000 for a lease, and $25,000 from a joint checking account.

Unless Johnson "is ordered and enjoined by the Court from disbursing, diminishing or disposing the property," Fischer will have "no means by which to recover the property," the suit alleges.



Anonymous said...

Engagement ring is scene as a gift.
No reimbursement for that or no giving it back.
Wedding funds, check with a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

typo sorry seen not scene

Anonymous said...

I don't think an engagement ring is a gift unless it was given for her birthday, Christmas, etc.